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j9九游会网址设计以“河湖水系与滨水景观、河道综合整治、公共空间与街景风貌,乡土旅游与乡村振兴”为核心业务,综合规划,建筑,园林景观,市政,生态,科技智能,文化传承与经济研究等专业的系统研究成果与丰富的实践经验, 为每一个项目提出最适合的解决方案和创造最优价值,专注传世设计精品输出。

The core business of jiudi design is "river and lake system and waterfront landscape, comprehensive river regulation, public space and street view construction, local tourism and Rural Revitalization". The system research results and rich practical experience of comprehensive planning, architecture, garden landscape, municipal administration, ecology, scientific and technological intelligence, cultural heritage and economic research, etc. provide the most suitable solutions for each project Case and create the best value, focus on the output of quality products of handed down design